A common request we receive is how to make a smile whiter and brighter. This is a relatively simple and quick treatment option that can be performed periodically. Certain foods and beverages, such as wine and coffee, stain the teeth and contribute to discoloration. The teeth whitening process provides a solution that lightens the shade of the teeth. Additionally, the process actually rids the teeth of plaque and tartar that tend to lead to dental problems.

Our provider for teeth whitening is Brilliant Smiles By Cindy. They provide state-of-the-art technology.

How It Works


Prior to whitening, patient’s teeth are color-coded based upon a 20-level scale.


Patient’s teeth are treated with a hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching gel, while gums are treated with Vitamin E to ensure maximum protection during whitening.


A 45-minute session with a Cooling Acceleration Light allows patients more activation, deeper whitening, and a bigger difference.


After whitening, patients teeth are color-coded for results, with average improvements ranging from 5-8 shades brighter.